God Squad is just another chance for a splinter group to sing. Honestly.
"Honest, Respect, Dance — these are the foundations of the Berry family."

please adopt me.

"The Hudson Hummelberry clan."
"I said, ‘LeRoy, this guy sold us the wrong lube. That’s why the rubber is squeaking, that’s why it feels so weird when we start going really fast-"


the gay innuendo on prime time television is spectacular.

I Will Always Love You: irrefutable proof that Mercedes should have been given a solo long ago.

jesus, she is spectacularly flawless.

Amber Riley sings, like, a bar of I Will Always Love You…

/already sobbing

[aside from the fact it’s a beautiful song in the Whitney rendition but still…]

  • Mercedes: We have to agree on what the God Squad thinks about singing to gay people...
  • Sam: Three of us are in Glee club so we pretty much to gay people all the time.
So Madonna has a big ass choir at the Super Bowl and now Glee has one randomly in the background of Stereo Hearts…
"I would much rather see you two kiss than that supposed Finchel.."

they know the ships.


How Figgins is all like:

TEEEEN LESBIANS see you in my office right now.

and his face doesn’t move ohmygod.

  • Rory: (produces four-leafed clover) You're gonna need all the luck you can get.
  • Kurt: Do you people just carry those around?
"I had ONE dream that Tony Danza and I went ice fishing."

ohmygod LeRoy (Brian Stokes Mitchell) xD

Whatever Rory saw in Sugar. IDEK.